„BALEGA” performance in the Audiovisual Technology Center

On 13th and 15th of July 2014, at 8.30 p.m., in the Audiovisual Technology Center, there will be a special performance – „BALEGA. Music of the body in the randai tradition of Western Sumatra”. The event is a part of Brave Festival.

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„Randai” is a form of theater, typical for the culture of Minangkabau – ethnic group from West Sumatra in Indonesia. According to different sources, randai evolved from the tradition of gathering together in surau – special places, very important in the Minangkabau culture. Randai is believed to have originated from practicing martial arts in a circle (sasaran) and delivering narrations. How randai is performed today seems to support this theory and, if anything, it certainly reflects the spirit of the Minangkabau culture, expressed in the sense of belonging, balance and desire for creating a connection between the artists and the audience.

The performance will be held in the Zbyszek Cybulski Film Studio, in the Audiovisual Technology Center in Wroclaw.