NIGHT MEDIA LAB – audiovisual explorations in the Audiovisual Technology Center

Music was almost palpable on 20th November, when audiovisual artists led by a Norwegian sound architect BIOSPHERE filled Wroclaw Audiovisual Technology Center with futuristic images and sounds.

This event, first of such kind in Wroclaw, was a real treat for lovers of electronic music and visual experiments. In the Zbyszek Cybulski Film Studio, the artists delivered an amazing show culminated by a minimalist performance of BIOSPHERE, who bewitched the audience with ascetic visual effects.

Among the musical-visual attractions of the evening were also NTVZM and PRCDRL, who filled our ears with energetic dark techno and disharmonic industrial music, PTR1, who gave us a fair dose of ambient dub, ODAIBE, who painted a sound landscape from, among others, organic textures of noise, and the LICHT.PFAD studio from Berlin that provided breathtaking visualizations. The event also featured an interactive installation inspired by northern lights and the works of participants of “Augmented Space Creation” workshop that was accompanying the event.

One of our partners in the NIGHT MEDIA LAB was the BAUBAR, a Wroclaw club loved by the fans of best electronic music, which provided refreshing drinks and a chill-out zone for the audience.