7th Punto y Raya Festival in CeTA!

The seventh edition of the “most abstract festival in the world” arrives in Wrocław, Poland, offering its traditional meeting point for artists and fans of the best Abstract Art in Motion.

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Hosted and coproduced by CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center), heir of the exquisite legacy of the Wrocław Feature Film Studio (1954-2011), the event will run from October 25th through 28th with free admission. Complementary installations and workshops will be held at the Four Domes Pavilion (Museum of Contemporary Art), and the Junior Programme will be housed at Barbara, right at the heart of the city.

The International Short Film Competition features over 100 abstract films & animations from the four corners of the world, exploring the most diverse techniques and styles. Guest Screenings include the event’s opening Polish Panorama (Vol. II), curated and introduced by Ania Głowińska, programme coordinator of Animator Festiwal in Poznań. And Nag Vladermersky, artistic director of London International Animation Festival, will close the event with his British Panorama, exploring the origins and evolution of the genre in one of the top producing countries.

To close each day, we’ll celebrate with PyRformances (live cinema / audiovisual concerts) by kynd + Yaporigami (JP/US/DE) with a multichannel, digitally hand-painted session; David Stout (US), with his mesmerising The Janus Switch, and KinoManual + Pin Park (PL), exploring various analogue & mixed techniques in image and sound.

For all those interested in the creative process, Academy’s activities will start one week prior to the event with animation workshops at CeTA. More workshops linking fine arts, animation, dance and music, will be held at the Four Domes Pavilion. And this year’s MasterClasses + monographic Screenings are by Thorsten Fleisch (DE), Vibeke Sorensen (SI), John Osborne (CA), Bonnie Mitchell (US), and Aga Jarząb & Olga Wroniewicz (PL).

The Four Domes Pavilion will also house installation works by artists Larry Cuba (US), Max Hattler (HK), Robert Seidel (DE) and IP Group (PL). All activities are with FREE ADMISSION until full capacity is reached. Free tickets can be booked online.

More information at puntoyrayafestival.com

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