Audiovisual Technology Center invites students and enthusiasts to free courses in computer graphics used in film, animation and special effects. Intensive activity in education and promoting modern multimedia technologies and spreading culture, which is conducted by Audiovisual Technology Center, is possible thanks to modernization of the computer network supported by grants from the European Regional Development Fund, as outlined in the Regional Operational Plan for the Lower Silesia District for the years 2007-2013. These allowed for a significant upgrade of the communication network infrastructure in Audiovisual Technology Center and adding new elements – a render farm, a computer network and computer labs.

The render farm is a set of modern computers, used to generate pre-designed graphics. Rendering is usually an extremely time-consuming process and thus requires additional resources – each render farm hub is therefore equipped with two microprocessors and four graphics cards. An important fact is that, thanks to the new network, it is possible to link the render farm with the computer lab during rendering a combined project. Additionally, the new network infrastructure allows for communication between all the devices in the network and allows them to use shared disk space for file swapping. EU funding was used to prepare two computer labs in Audiovisual Technology Center.

The rooms are equipped with modern, efficient hardware, utilizing complex software and toolsets necessary for conducting graphics courses and workshops covering even the most demanding 3D applications. It is worth adding that the rooms are spacious and the workstations are arranged so that work and learning are very comfortable.

Up to now, almost 150 people took advantage of Audiovisual Technology Center’s education offer. Courses took place in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, workshops in VJ-ing and creating sound in filming, as well as lectures in algorithm music techniques and film special effects, just to name a few. By carefully choosing the topics of courses the institution strives to meet the requirements of the market and to allow gaining new work qualifications, as well as nurturing an interest in the field of filmmaking and new, dynamically evolving art spheres.

Computer labs are funded from the following sources:

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