Film Production

At our disposal we have modern workspace and  rich technical support designed for undertaking film, television and multimedia projects. The Wojciech Jerzy Has Film Studio with an area spanning 1000 square metres, is equipped with unique, advanced technologies and professional gear, allowing making pictures using the motion control technique. Modern solutions implemented in the studio allow, among other things, creation of film special effects. On top of that we have at our disposal 20 graphics workstations, equipped with Autodesk Maya 2012 64 bit software, supported by a render farm.

The second, acoustically insulated film studio (The Zbyszek Cybulski Film Studio), spanning 500 square meter, is fitted for making pictures using traditional scenography. The stage has a foldable auditorium with places for 226 people. It is also the perfect place for organizing various cultural or business events.

Our residence also has a sound studio, designed for recording and edition for all filmmaking, radio or television needs, including post-syncing, dubbing and special effects. The studio contains a one-of-a-kind screening room where film projections, concerts, lectures and workshops take place. The room’s distinct feature is its adjustable wall and ceiling geometry, allowing for shifting reverberation.


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