Since we began our activity in 2011, we made several investments. The goal was to modernize the individual rooms in the Audiovisual Technology Center buildings to meet the needs of statute activities regarding development and promotion of modern multimedia technology, film production and co-production, as well as education and spreading culture.

Until now, renovation works have been conducted among others in film studios B, which now bears the name of The Wojciech Jerzy Has Film Studio. The room is adapted for making film and television productions and modern multimedia projects. The necessary technical background of the studio has also been prepared. Modernization works have also been made in film studio A, working now as the Zbyszek Cybulski Film Studio. These covered floor renovation and repairs on the auditorium. Currently this room is designed for photo-shooting, organizing cultural and business events.

On top of that the elevation of building A, which was damaged during the deluge of 1997, has also been repaired. Thanks to those works the facility gained new esthetics and meets current regulations and standards. We have also made investments using EU funding. Thanks to grants from the European Regional Development Fund, included in the Regional Operational Programme Lower Silesia for the period 2007 – 2013, we have made a significant upgrade of the communication network infrastructure  and we have added new elements – a render farm, a computer network and computer labs.

The investments are funded from the following sources:

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