Pokolenia - plakat

“Generations” is a full-length docudrama made for the anniversary of the Feature Film Studio (WFF). It is a story of contemporary Poland told using fragments of works created at the Studio. Out of the 450 titles made in Wrocław, director chose almost fifty. Their fragments, starting with Wajda’s “A Generation”, through the films by Chęciński, Has, Kutz, Polański to Holland, Kieślowski, Marczewski, Zanussi and many others, form a story about Poles from the times of the Nazi occupation, through the period of Stalinist terror, “our little stabilisation”, March 1968, unfulfilled expectations of the Gierek era, martial law and up until the elections of 4th June 1989. The person guiding us around the contemporary Studio and Wrocław is… Zbyszek Cybulski.

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